What Can A Corporation Do?


Groups of people (or in today's world, corporations) are the aggregates of individual will and vision.

Until recently in history, most groupings were against something: against nature, against predators, against similar groupings which are after the same limited resources.

With the onset of globalization, corporations simply can't afford to focus only outward. Corporations are much less static than before.

A group's worst enemy is itself; even external enemies will advance from within.

Here are some aspects of a corporation:

1. Communication management
2. Vision management
3. Power and identity management

Clarity in all aspects creates integrity. Lack of clarity at some levels results in external suffocation or internal rot.

What can a corporation do?

Balance, stabilize, clarify its structure. To prevent/solve conflicts, aim to provide the clearest flow of information.

In a shift of paradigm, be not competitive but cooperative.

It's best not to have enemies, even if others look at you as such. (The benefit of all is the benefit of the group.)

External conflicts are best solved by clarifying the vision and adjusting the identity if necessary.

Internal conflicts are best solved by clarifying the power structure in accordance with the vision.


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