The Solution To War


The solution is embracing unrestricted warfare.

As Clausewitz said, war belongs not to the province of arts and sciences, but to the province of social life.

As traditional interpretations of 'war' and 'peace' become more and more diluted - and integrated in the concept of unrestricted warfare, we can say that unrestricted warfare is an aspect of life itself.

The concept of warfare is based on the concept of conflict; to solve warfare we require an efficient method/view to solve conflicts.

The solution to warfare is simple in essence:

When fear is removed from conflict, conflict becomes choice.

Just as when a person's mind is in a state of conflict, it can cause sickness, powerlessness, and depression.

When a person's mind is in a state of choice, it can cause health, clarity, power, and joy.

When a conflict in a person's mind is transmuted into choice, it becomes the basis of self-expression.

When societies transmute their conflicts into choice, these societies become radiant with clear power.

What was before a question of warfare, now becomes a question of social expression.


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