What Can An Individual Do?


The default state of the world is anarchy with people being absolutist dictators each. Anything else is layers of abstraction further.

The human individual is the building block, the starting point of all social structures humans create.

Force flows through the brain, heart, and hands of the individual.

The one 'commandment' that is hard-wired into human existence is: "Do what thou willt."

What is the best thing an individual can do?

To live and die, as fitting, on all levels - to change oneself and the world around (the context self-identity lies in) according to one's vision of oneself.

Since the individual will is so very powerful, careful creation/construction of that will is required - primarily and preferably by that will itself.

To prevent abuse, an individual has these tools at his/her disposal: personal awareness, personal responsibility, and the will to act on them.

We should also mention Love as a process of assimilation.

The burden of the social world lies on the back of the individual.

If struggle is replaced by Love and choice, what was a burden before now becomes an integral part of an extended self-identity and self-expression.

What can an individual do? Anything and everything.


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