Attitude Of Success


The attitude of success assumes that success is inevitable.

Unlike the winning attitude which rejects failure, the attitude of success acknowledges and even embraces failure. The attitude of success turns the negative value of failure into a positive value.

How is that possible? We live in the information age, in which relevant information is often more valuable than tangible things. If you can find relevant, quality information and buy it cheaply, you are on the way to success.

The attitude of success works by trying out things - this way you are guaranteed to get relevant information. Even if you fail a hudred times, you extract maximum learning value out of those failures. By the time you run out of opportunities to fail cheaply, you will find it very hard not to succeed.

The requirements for using the attitude of success are good risk-management and evaluation skills, emotional control and self-discipline. If you meet the requirements and assume this attitude, success is a statistical inevitability.

Look for win-win situations. After mastering the attitude of success, success comes with the ease and elegance of natural flow.


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