Winning Attitude


There are two related but radically different attitudes towards success: the winning attitude and the attitude of success.

The winning attitude rejects the possibility of failure - failure is something that happens to others. One who practices the winning attitude sees only the reality where winning is the only possibility.

The winning attitude produces enormous, single-minded focus. There is only the goal which has to be achieved; nothing else matters. The fuel for this focus is continuous and preferably instant gratification. Those who practice the winning attitude seek out win-lose scenarios and pound opponents into the ground to keep the engine running.

The winning attitude is like the steroid of success: it can produce great short term results, but is devastating in the long run. The longer the winning attitude is assumed, the more rigid the single-mindedness becomes and the greater the blind spots become. The fall is too big when all the suppressed fears come rushing in.

'Winning' and 'success' do not mean the same thing - make sure you understand the differences between the two.


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