Rich Life


'Rich life' does not necessarily mean 'luxurious and excessive life'.

Some people with a narrow attitude towards life play the game "he who dies with most money wins". Many others play the game "he who lives most decadently and excessively wins". Unfortunately, many others just sit on the sidelines and jealously watch the people from the first two groups.

None of the above people are living a rich life - they are living a mindless life.

Some poor people have an excuse (one of many) for not living a rich life - they say money can't buy happiness. That may be true, but poverty can't buy happiness either.

The secret to rich life is to live and enjoy each moment as fully as you can. In the final moments of your life, which can be years from now or tommorow, you want to be able to say to yourself: "I lived a good life."

A person who lives a rich, fulfilled life like that is said to be 'larger than life'.


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