Be Your Own Boss


If you decide to be your own boss and mind your own business, you have greater chances to become rich than if you work for someone else as an employee.

Of course, there are exceptions when it makes sense to be an employee:

If you work to obtain or master a skill, working for someone else can be a good way to do that - you learn firsthand, and you even get paid for it. If you look at it this way, it makes much sense.

Another, but quite rare, exception would be if your boss is the smartest and most competent person you know, and he or she is willing to take you along on the ride to financial success.

Barring those exceptions, aim to be your own boss mentally, financially, and business-wise. Even with people working with you and for you, you will have no one to blame for failures, and that alone gives a mental clarity that drives a person forward.


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