Skill Management


Skill management is an often omitted area of life.

Some people just learn skills in life as they come across them. That's not a bad way, but not a particularly good one either.

The bad way is to learn some skills in the younger stages of life, and then stick to them. These people become closed-minded specialists and never improve, because they avoid all situations for which they don't have the necessary skills for. This is pretty much the worst approach to skill management.

Developing better skill management starts by being aware that life changes and the situations we encounter change as well. It becomes important not only to learn specific skills, but to learn how to transfer knowledge obtained in one field to another.

The central part of skill management is choosing the skills you learn consciously. Observe, decide, and plan ahead.

The secret of advanced skill management lies in learning not only specific, but also abstract skills. Knowledge gained from skills which are simple and abstract can generally be transferred to other, more specific skills with greater ease.


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