Time Management How To


The two most important tools of time management are: the hatchet job and prioritization.

There are some of us who are plagued by boredom and don't know what to do with their time. The answer for these people is simple - go find something interesting!

There are also many of us who have to many things to do, and each day we wish a day would last longer than 24 hours. These people are overrun by life.

Stop. Take a good luck at your life. Take out your imaginary hatchet and hack away at the things which siphon away your time and do not award you fulfillment in exchange. Especially dangerous are the things which take of your time on a daily basis - make sure to remove them completely from your life.

If you do that, you are left with the things you wish to have in your life - yet can still lack enough time fo all of them.

The solution is prioritization. Each moment in time decide whether you would like to do this thing you are doing or something else. Make sure you allocate enough time for the activities most important to you, and leave the rest for less important things.

If you still don't have enough time - you did something wrong. Take out your hatchet and prioritize!


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