Personal Time Management


Many people confuse personal time management with making a schedule for their lives, cramming as many things into it as possible, and always hurrying franatically to keep that schedule.

Manage your time - don't let time manage you! Goal-setting has much more to do with personal time management than schedule-making.

Most often personal time management is not about how many things you can fit into your life - it's about how many things you can leave out.

By all means, make work schedules. Make grand and noble plans for your life. But, make sure to accomodate the fact that we change through time - what you want tomorrow may not be what you thought you will want.

Give all your plans and schedules the thumb test and ask yourself: "Is this what I wish to do in this moment of time?"

If you get a 'yes' answer often - congratulations! You are managing your time well.


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